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Since our launch in 2007, we’ve been passionate about saving water. And over the years we’ve been constantly innovating – to make it as easy as possible for consumers to use less.



Saving water goes e-com

In 2007, Save Water Save Money launches its unique website shop, which today is the largest of its kind in the UK. The great-value products and devices allow customers to engage in water efficiency at every level.

We receive more than 2,000,000 unique visits every year and our email database tops 500,000 engaged customers.


Our first national campaign

Our promotional partnership with First News (Children’s Journal) and X-Factor finalists Same Difference popularised water efficiency among school kids at a national level. This campaign won the Environment Agency’s Gold Award in the Water Shout Awards, 2009.

We delivered a water-saving campaign to a readership of 750,000 children aged 7-14 years and teachers at 30,000 schools nationwide.


A partnership with E.ON

As part of the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERTs) scheme, we brought together 19 of Britain’s 22 Water Companies to reach their domestic customers.

We delivered E.ON water saving packs through 20 British Water Companies.


Launch of our Water Saving Kit

To help recruit and engage customers, we developed an incredible-value Water Saving Kit, containing key easy-to-fit water saving devices, guaranteed to save customers water.

We deliver over 1,000 free devices every day to English householders.


Launch of BathBuoy™

BathBuoyTM is a fun, innovative, inflatable accessory which attaches to the bottom of the bath – and is designed to save up to 30 litres every bath time.

We’ve delivered more than 150,000 BathBuoy products.


Launch of ToothyTimer

Following research conducted with the British Dental Health Foundation, we launched our ToothyTimer to encourage kids to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth. We then brought together 19 water companies to support National Smile Month with our Turn Off The Tap message.

We’ve sold more than 250,000 ToothyTimers (saving each household up to 24 litres a day).


Launch of LeakyLooTM

Leaking toilets can waste up to 400 litres of water every day. LeakyLooTM is a strip of biodegradable water-soluble paper designed to detect even the smallest of leaks. It attaches to the back of the pan and flushes away without blockage.

We’ve delivered more than 150,000 LeakyLoo strips.


Launch of CombiSmart

CombiSmart is a simple thermostatic device, which accelerates the heating process by holding back water while the Combi boiler heats it to the right temperature. In doing this, it’s able to dramatically reduce water wastage and utility bills.

We’ve delivered almost 50,000 CombiSmart devices, each saving around £85 on utility bills every year.


Launch of Sustainable Communities Partnership

Working with the Energy Saving Trust, Sustainable Homes and many of the UK’s Water Companies, this was an initiative supporting Housing Associations to offer water and energy saving devices to those living in social housing.

We delivered more than 1,000,000 litres in savings.


We ran our 'Wonderful Water' photo competition

In association with Waitrose, The Gorilla Organization, Digital Photography Magazine and Photography for Beginners Magazine, we offered the opportunity to win tickets to the 2013 Hope4Apes charity dinner hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

We received more than 1,600 photograph entries.


The largest ever review of water use in the UK

We co-sponsored the largest ever review of domestic water use in the UK, involving some 86,000 households – along with the Energy Saving Trust, Proctor & Gamble, Thames Water, DEFRA and the Consumer Council for Water.


Launch of GunkPotTM

To combat the 50% of sewer blockages caused by fats and oils being poured down the sink, we developed GunkPot™ – a mailable container with a silicone plate scraper to safely scrape away pots and pans, plus a sink strainer to catch any leftover food bits going down the drain.

We’ve delivered more than 250,000 GunkPots.


Launch of Zoo in the Loo campaign

Our Zoo in the Loo range of communications materials and water-saving products won the WIAA award in partnership with Affinity Water.

We delivered a 30% reduction in water consumption at a leisure centre over a six-month period.


Launch of Home Audit programme

Our end-to-end Home Audit programme in association with five water companies involves acquiring and engaging customers through multiple channels and media to book their appointments, manage technician visits and report on activity to water companies.

We've delivered more than 60,000 home audits, achieving a SIM score of 4.91 out of 5 on behalf of Wessex Water.


Launch of the aqKWa Savings Engine™

Our simple, fully interactive platform encourages customers to conserve water, while saving energy and money. It gives water companies and business multiple opportunities to reduce costs, promote their offerings and engage customers.


Launch of the Save Water Save Money video

We produced our first video to promote water saving to British householders. To date, we’ve received just over 22,000 views.

View video 2016

Launch of the SWSM Data Management Apps

From 2016, we’ve launched a range of Apps designed specifically for Water Companies to gather data during events and on customers’ doorsteps, and facilitate the gathering of appliance types and usage data inside customers’ homes and within business premises.

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